Rare WWI dated German M1898 Bayonet with Scabbard

Rare WWI dated German M1898 Bayonet with Scabbard

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This is a rare WWI dated German imperial army M1898 second pattern n. A. (neu Art) bayonet with its original leather scabbard. It was made W.K & G Solingen and is dated 14 (1914). At the beginning of the Great War the German military soon discovered that if a soldier plunged this model of bayonet through the ribs of his enemy, it would get stuck. The unfortunate impaled soldier would naturally fall forwards causing the blade to become stuck. The bayonet and the rifle it was attached to could not then be removed. This in turn rendered to the German soldier defenseless against attack from other enemy forces and as a result saw many losses to German troops in the early part of the war.  

The overall condition of both bayonet and scabbard is extremely good and original. Both have imperial German army acceptance stamps. 

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