RARE WWII German MG34/42 Machine Gun Lafette

RARE WWII German MG34/42 Machine Gun Lafette

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This is an early Second World War Nazi MG34 machine gun Lafette that was converted for the MG42. With the introduction of the MG42 midway through WWII as the German Army's main front line machine gun, it was common practice to convert existing MG34 Lafette's to accommodate this new weapon. This meant changing the Lafette carriage because the 42 had different mounting points. The lower section of the Lafette normally remained unaltered. This can be seen on this example, the laying and search fire mechanism is dated 1939 and was manufactured by Heinrich H Klüssendorf Werkzeuge, Berlin, Spandau - maker mark HHK within a square, serial number 999b. In 1943 an MG42 carriage made by Rudolf Schluckebier & Co, Eisenbahnbedarf - makers code "eat" was added. Note the serial number is "666 h". Presumable when it was being serial numbered to match the search fire mechanism it was misread as 666h. Interestingly, this maker is one of rarest as only a few examples have been observed and they only manufacturing MG42 Laffettes from 1943 to 1944. Post WWII it fell into Yugoslavian military ownership who used it with their version of the MG42, the M53 a virtually identical copy. Note the remnants of four rivets that once held the Yugo ID plate. This plate covered the Nazi maker, date, Waffen stamps and serial number. You are unlikely to find an early WWII Lafette with such compressive markings and history!

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