Very Rare Chinese Contract G98 / K98 Bayonet & Scabbard

Very Rare Chinese Contract G98 / K98 Bayonet & Scabbard

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This is a very rare Nazi supplied Chinese contract Gew98 or K98 bayonet & scabbard. Nazi Germany trained and equipped a portion of China's army in the 1930s, and some German advisers actually fought against the Japanese alongside the Nationalist Chinese forces at the start of the war in China in the late 1930s. Thousands of German rifles including bayonets were exported from the end of WWI until the beginning of WW2 to arm Chinese soldiers. The plan was to have around 60 Chinese divisions armed and trained by the Germans, but they only fielded a handful before Nazi Germany withdrew their support in 1941, under pressure from their Japanese allies.

This rare bayonet is marked on the cross guard "S43" and has a swastikas stamped into one grip. The bayonet fits perfectly onto a WWII K98.

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