Very Rare WW2 SOE Switch, No 3, Release, Mk1

Very Rare WW2 SOE  Switch, No 3, Release, Mk1

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This is a rare example of a WW2 SOE issued release switch, known in service as Switch, No 3, Release, Mk1.  Developed by the highly secretive research and development organisation MD.1 - "Churchill's Toyshop"  headed by Lt Col Stuart Macrae (the inventor of the infamous Sticky Bomb), this simple switch was one of many such devices designed for covert and subversive warfare being fought by SOE and resistance operatives behind enemy lines. Using a simple spring and hinged lid, once cocked the switch relied on a 150lbs weight placed on it to be disturbed in order to detonate. The switches bore no markings other than "MD1" and a batch number "A23" to prevent information falling into enemy hands. Such was the nature of these switches, very few survived making this a rare and intriguing find.

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