WWII British SOE/SAS Issue Type 6 Wire Cutters

WWII British SOE/SAS Issue Type 6 Wire Cutters

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This is a genuine pair of Second World War British Type 6 Wire Cutters. During WWII the British designed and used a variety of different types of tools and devises that were to be used by specialist units including secret agents, SOE, SAS and the Commando's. Most of these specialist units and teams operated behind enemy lines infiltrating, destroying and causing maximum disruption to Nazi forces. Such is their rarity that very few of these specialist parts and equipment are ever seen or even known about. This is partly down to the secrecy and limited numbers of them produced. The actions of these brave men and women who carried out these daring missions is often overlooked, some of which knowing that they wouldn't be returning from, were pivotal to the outcome of the war, saving countless Allied soldiers and civilian lives.

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