WWII German MG42 Lafette

WWII German MG42 Lafette

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This is a WWII German MG34 Lafette that was converted for the MG42. It was originally manufactured by Rudolf Schluckebier & Co, Eisenbahnbedarf under secret "eat" in 1943. The search fire mechanism was made by Heinrich H Klüssendorf Werkzeuge, Berlin-Spandau who used "cql" and is also date coded 1943 with the correct Waffenamt stamps. The conversion would have been implemented mid way through the war as the much quicker to produce MG42 took over and replaced the aging MG34. It has its correct early machined aluminum optical sight mount for attaching a MG Z sight.

This example has been fully restored to an extremely high standard being finished in the correct German Panzer grey. This is how it would have looked when it left the factory during the war. It is now a museum worth example and is in perfect working order. The pictures speak for themselves!

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