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Cased Lacy & Co London Officers Percussion Pistols

Cased Lacy & Co London Officers Percussion Pistols

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This is a superb pair of matched percussion pistols by Lacy & Co, London in their original box with period correct tools and associated loading equipment. Lacy & Co made flintlock pistols and muskets under Royal Government contract and were trading as Lacy &  & Co at their London address from 1776 to 1840. They also made double barrel, over and under, percussion pistols. This type of high end pistols were often privately purchased by British Officers or by a Gentleman of considerable wealth or high social status. Both pistols feature half cock safety and have intricate hand engravings on the locks, barrel and hammers.

Chambered in an obsolete calibre it can be owned live without any form of license.

It is being sold as a collectors piece only.

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