Extremely Rare Obsolete Calibre Bergmann 1896 Pistol with Named Holster

Extremely Rare Obsolete Calibre Bergmann 1896 Pistol with Named Holster

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This is an extremely rare and original Bergmann 1896 model 3 semi automatic pistol. Only 4,000 were ever made, and were chambered in 6.5mm - obsolete calibre. This one is completely untouched and is in full working order. Its condition is still incredible especially when you consider it is the best part of 120 years old and had been issued. The markings on top of the receiver signify that it was either a police or military issued pistol, and unlike commercially sold examples it is fitted with a lanyard hoop and rare side mounted hoop. This would have been a requirement specific to the force it was supplied to. The model 3 was developed by legendary German gun designer Louis Schmeisser, who also designed the world's first true submachine gun, the First World War MP18. Marketing and sales of this model were by Theodor Bergmann's company. Theodor Bergmann was an entrepreneur and businessman and is best remembered for his various revolutionary firearms that his companies released in late 1890s and early 1900s.

Accompanying this beautiful pistol is an even rarer original leather holster. Inside under the flap it is marked with the owners name "A.L.Brand" and what look to be European acceptance stamps. Very few of these holsters now survive and to find one with these markings is extremely unusual. A museum worthy pistol and holster.

This is a once in a life time opportunity to own a beautifully engineered pistol that can be owned live without any form of license. The bore is in superb condition and action is still tight, crisp and smooth. A truly exceptional set!!!

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