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Imperial German Army Issued Werder M1869 Pistol with Regimental Markings

Imperial German Army Issued Werder M1869 Pistol with Regimental Markings

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This is a very impressive and rare Baverian military issued Werder M1869 pistol also known as the "Bavarian Lightning pistol" because of its rate of fire. As the designation suggests it was designed in 1869 by Johann Ludwig Werder and was one of the first centerfire pistols to be adopted for use by a European army. It features a hinged falling breech block similar to the Martini Henry rifles. The forward lever lowers the breech block and the other is the trigger. The lever at the top of the action cocks the pistol. It chambers a massive 11.5mm round and is a large and robuts pistol. This example is in superb original condition with matching numbers, two dates of 1870 and 1881 and on the frame bears the Imperial German Army acceptance stamp. It is regimentally marked to the 3rd Artillery Regiment, 7th Company weapon number 16 (3.A.7.16). This regiment was part of the III Royal Baverian Army Corps who were in turn part of the Imperial German armed forces. Only four battalions of the Baverian army were equiped with these pistols who went on to see service during the Franco-Prussian War.

It can be cocked, stripped and dry fired and bores and rifling are still in very good condition.

This an obsolete calibre revolver can be owned without any form license.

It is being sold as a collectors piece only.

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