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RARE Steyr Mannlicher M1886 Fencing Musket

RARE Steyr Mannlicher M1886 Fencing Musket

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This is a very rare and unusual Steyr made Mannlicher M1886 rifle that has been converted into a fencing musket. Utilising a standard 11mm military M1886 rifle a sleeve with a sprung loaded plunger has been added and a dummy bolt fitted in the receiver. Their primary use was to train soldiers and recruits hand to hand combat. The plunger / rod is sprung loaded and retracts when pushed. It was deemed safer to train with this and avoid accidental injury from a real bayonet. Note the bayonet lug has been ground off to prevent a bayonet being fitted. The woodwork bears many markings and is covered in bumps and bruises from extensive use.

This rare rifle / fencing musket is chambered in an obsolete calibre and can be owned live without any form of license.

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