Deactivated British Army L42A1 Sniper Rifle

Deactivated British Army L42A1 Sniper Rifle

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This is a very rare British MOD L42A1 sniper rifle. Using their stocks of WWII No4 MK1(T) & No4 MK1*(T) rifles, the British MOD set about converting these rifles from .303 into 7.62x51mm NATO sniper rifles. The conversion programme was carried out at RSAF Enfield from 1970 to 1971 with only around 1,000 rifles being converted. The .303 barrel was replaced with a hammer-forged heavy 7.62x51mm NATO barrel and the wood work was shortened. The bolt and magazine were also modified. The No32 scopes and mounts remained as did the stock and cheek piece. This rifle was originally manufactured as a No4T in 1944 by Long Branch and still bears the original wartime markings and parts. The stock has the correct S51 code and the receiver has the letter "S" , this was applied by Holland & Holland who were contracted to convert No4's into sniper rifles during WWII. Sniper rifles were stamped "TR" on the stock band. WWII MOD contract records state that only 950 Long Branch No4T's were ordered however, it is estimated that only 500-600 were delievered to Britain during the war, making this example a rare survivor! The No32 scope has great optics and is in good working order.

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