Deactivated Martini Henry rifle

Deactivated Martini Henry rifle

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A very interesting Martini Henry rifles. It was originally manufactured for the British military, circa 1870s to 1880s, and would have been chambered then for .577/450 ammunition. On the under side of the stock is the name and regiment it was assigned to, it reads; "P. Pemberton"  "Natal Rifles". This regiment became known as the Natal Mounted Rifles and were based in South Africa seeing active service during the Boer Wars and both world wars. The stock is stamped "NHS 13". This could be a South African mark or possible a WWII Home Guard abbreviation for Northamptonshire?

Later on in its life and with the introduction of the bolt action rifle and the .303 cartridge, the Martini was eventually retired from service, many were then sold off into private ownership. W.W.Greener specialized in converting these perfectly serviceable firearms into .22 target rifles. This is one of those conversions done specifically for the The National Rifle Association or N.R.A. The majority of these conversions were done during the inter war years.

Deactivated with moving parts it comes with an EU/UK certificate of deactivation.

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