Deactivated WW2 era Hotchkiss Model 1922-1926 Machine Gun

Deactivated WW2 era Hotchkiss Model 1922-1926 Machine Gun

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This is a WWII era Hotchkiss Model 1922-1926 Machine Gun, chambered in 8mm. First introduced in the early 1920's, they were used by French forces and partisans during German occupation in WWII. This is a Turkish contract example and dates to the mid 1920's, with folding carrying handle and a smaller vertical foregrip. Often missing are the detechable bipod legs, but this example has both! This model was used in a variety of roles on the ground and in the air. It uses a straight clip feed rather than a belt or magazine, this improved reliability and was a much easier to load and feed. Turkey remained neutral during most of World War II, but entered the closing stages of the war on the side of the Allies in February 1945. Deactivated with a working action.

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