Deactivated WWI SMLE MKIII Rifle

Deactivated WWI SMLE MKIII Rifle

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This is a First World War dated SMLE MKIII rifle with magazine cut-off, that was made by Birmingham Small Arms in 1918. Unlike the vast majority of SMLE's made in 1918 this example is a MKIII and not a MKIII*. Midway through WWI the MKIII was phased out and replaced by the MKIII*, the most notable difference between these two models is the magazine cut-off plate. It was deemed unnecessary and by removing it from the design would help increase production numbers. The most plausible explanation as to why this particular rifle was produced as a MKIII was a lack of MKIII* receivers. In 1918 the British War Department required as many serviceable rifles as possible, BSA would have used whatever was available in order fulfill the demand. This SMLE was also re-issued for WWII. On the receiver band are the additional rework stamps for 1930. The brass disc is stamped "DEN 134" this is most likely an abbreviation for the Denbighshire Yeomanry who saw extensive service in both world wars.

Deactivated to EU/UK specifications, it can be cocked, stripped and dry fired.

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