Deactivated WWII Era Shanghai Police marked Browning 1922 Pistol

Deactivated WWII Era Shanghai Police marked Browning 1922 Pistol

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This is rare WWII Era Shanghai Police marked Browning 1922 Pistol. The markings GM on the magazine were applied by French Police and refer to Gendarmerie Mobile, a police division, active in French colonies and other foreign territories. The two small characters (or Hanzi) standing as abbreviation for Hu Gong (or Shanghai Public Security Bureau), followed by arsenal weapon number. History shows that in 1943 the Chinese Government of President Wang-Ching-Wei was in good terms with the Japanese Occupant who insisted the French Concession be returned to China. At that time, France was governed by Marechal Petain who collaborated with Nazi Occupants. Since Japan and Germany were Allies, a decision was reached, French police of Concession would work hand in hand with Chinese Authorities. Complete withdrawal of France from Concession became official only after the war, further to Japan being defeated and France headed by a new Government with General De Gaulle. Pistols were then, if not done already, transferred to Chinese authorities and marked accordingly.

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