Just Arrived, Deactivated WWII Era Unique Model 10 Pistol

Just Arrived, Deactivated WWII Era Unique Model 10 Pistol

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This is a WWII era French made Unique Model 10 pistol chambered in 6.35mm. It was made in the mid to late 1930s by French arms makers "MAPF" - Manufacture d'Armes des Pyrénées Françaises. During WWII German soldiers used the model 10 as personal protection weapons. When off duty in hostile towns and cities reprizal attacks from the local partisans groups was common place. Simialr examples that have been brought back by US soldiers are sometimes sold in the US.

Deactivated with full moving parts and removable magazine.

This item is available for purchase and is currently at the proof house being certificate.


To order Call 01547 529093 or 05603 416575 or email sales@deactivated-guns.co.uk.

Product Code: 635R5

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