Deactivated All Matching Numbers WWII German MP40

Deactivated All Matching Numbers WWII German MP40

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This is an all matching numbers WWII Nazi MP40. It was manufactured in 1941 by Erma under secret Nazi makers code "ayf" and has the correct Waffenamt stamps Eagle over 280. The additional codes and Waffen stamps are those of the various subcontractor companies who were employed to produce various parts. For example "cos" was used Gebrueder Merz, Merz Werk, Frankfurter Main and used Eagle over WaA44. 1941 saw an estimated 139,681 MP40s produced with the majority being allocated to the German army. This rare all matched example looks to be untouched. The metal work has a lovely even patina throughout and it has not been refinished. Every single part carries the same serial number, including the bolt & plunger and even the barrel collets that are located under the barrel nut! The Bakelite foregrip and grips are also original to the gun and are free from cracks or chips. The rear of the magazine well has a notch cut, is only seen on early examples.

This MP40 has been deactivated sympathetically to current specifications with moving parts. The cocking lever/plunger assembly can be pulled back into the safety position and will return under spring tension. The matching numbers on the plunger can be viewed through the cocking lever slot. A rare find!

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