Deactivated WWI Gew98 Rifle

Deactivated WWI Gew98 Rifle

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This is a First World War Imperial German Army issued Gew98 rifle that has almost certainly been recovered from the battlefield. Just visible is the makers name Waffenfabrik Mauser Oberndorf A/N and date stamp of 1910. The serial number 5998 has no letter suffix, this denotes that this is rifle number 5998th from the first batch of 10,000 made by Mauser in 1910. The regimental disc reads 15.R.9.44. this is an abbreviation for the 15th Infantry Regiment, 9th Kompany, weapon number 44, who saw extensive service throughout the Great War. The rifle looks to be all original with all visible numbers matching including both upper and lower woodwork. If you are looking for a rifle that has definitely seen action during WWI then this is the rifle for you!

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