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Deactivated WWII Italian Breda Medium Machine Gun

Deactivated WWII Italian Breda Medium Machine Gun

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This is an early WWII Breda Modello 37 (M37) machine gun, chambered in German Mauser 7.9mm. Adopted in 1937, it was the standard machine gun for the Italian Army during World War II. Although dated 1938, this example was issued in 1939 and would have been destine for use by Nazi forces and Italian troops who were then fighting alongside the Germans. The M37 was normally chambered in Italian 8x59, but it made good sense to chamber weapons that were in the in the same readily available ammunition as the German weapons (Mauser 7.9mm). This example is only number 752tnd of that years production with production finally ending in 1943. Deactivated with a working action.

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