Deactivated WWII K98 Sharp Shooter Fitted with ZF41 Scope & Mounts

Deactivated WWII K98 Sharp Shooter Fitted with ZF41 Scope & Mounts

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This is a K98k equipped for a ZF-41 scope. The German Army authorized the ZF-41 installation in July, 1941. Berlin-Luebecker “duv” were one of the earliest manufactures of the ZF-41 equipped K98s. They made very few and for just one year, and are rarely encountered today. Around six percent of all K98's were equipped with the ZF41 scopes, although it is doubtful whether anywhere near this figure was achieved. Experts have estimated that around 90,000 were ever completed during the war. They are often incorrectly referred to as "sniper" rifles, but are in fact sharpshooter carbines and are not an out and out sniping weapon, but a general aid for sharpshooters within a company or regiment.

This DUV K98 has a low three digit serial number, which appears on virtually all parts including the complete bolt assembly. The upper stock carcouche has the capital letter H = Heer or Army property stamp. The scope is a very rare example that was manufactured in France by Etablissement Barbier, Barard et Turenne, Paris under makers code "KOV" whilst under Nazi control. Unfortunately the optics have become very dark and cloudy and would benefit from a service. The mount is correct and original being coded DUV with the acceptance stamp Eagle over 214. Also included is an original WWII scope and mount transit case. This is correctly marked with makers code "jvb" "Wessel & Müller, Beschlagfabrik Waffen" , who were assigned Nazi acceptance code eagle over WaA542. It has its original military green military painted finish, leather belt strap and lid catch . Inside is the padded lined compartment with a cleaning brush and lens cloth.

Also included with this excellent K98 are the following items. A leather sling, cleaning rod, sight hood cover, five inert 7.92mm rounds, Nazi marked action cover, and 1940 dated Coppel bayonet & scabbard. The K98 is deactivated with a working action and can be cocked, stripped and dry fired.

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