Deactivated WWII Nazi PO8 Luger

Deactivated WWII Nazi PO8 Luger

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This is a WWII Mauser PO8 Luger formally a "Black Widow" example. It is correctly marked with "P08" on the left side of the frame and Waffenamt codes on the right hand side. The 655 proof with straight wings indicate early 1941 production as does the "byf" code.  The Black Widow is one of the most sought after of the Luger variants, and was only ever produced in limited numbers from 1941-42. Post WWII this Luger was re-issued and bears several sets of post war ownership stamps one of which is the "Volkspolizei" - VOPO or National Police Force. The serial number is very unusual with an "-a" suffix added after the main serial number. We've not seen one like this before, however may indicate who or where it was issued to? The magazine is marked 2/1001 meaning it was manufactured in the old Haenel Schmeisser facility in the early 1950s. A rare pistol.

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