Just Arrived, Deactivated WWII German Flare Pistol

Just Arrived, Deactivated WWII German Flare Pistol

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This is an early WWII German marked 1937 dated aluminum Flare Pistol (Mod.34). It was manufactured in 1937 by Erma-Erfurt in only their second year of manufacture of this model of flare pistol. The serial number has no letter suffix, which indicates that this is number 1599th of that years production. It bears the correct Nazi Waffen stamps - Eagle over 280 and early Eagle acceptance stamps. It is clear that this pistol has been involved in a major incident during its service life but was recovered and thereafter put back into service. Although heavily damaged the right grip was field repaired with a steel plate and rivets, and a unique elongated action lease lever added. The elongated lever was most likely fitted to make it easier to open whilst wearing thick leather winter or flying gloves. The model 34 flare pistol was issued to all branches of the Nazi regime and saw active service on all fronts throughout the war.

Flare pistols remain unaffected by the recent EU/UK deactivation law changes and can be cocked, stripped and dry fired.

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