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Deactivated Enfield Bren MKIII

Deactivated Enfield Bren MKIII

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This is an RSAF Enfield made Bren MKIII dated 1955 with all visible matching numbers including the bolt. The MK3 was designed during the latter stages of WWII initially for use in jungle warfare and soon after airbourne units. The barrel is shorter and the overall weight of the gun reduced. Surprisingly this was done in an deliberate attempt make it less accurate! Why you may say? As with the German's, the British military also concluded that the majority of fighting between ground forces accured at close quarters. A bolt action rifle was often was to long and cumbersome for use in fast moving battles and a short sub-machine gun too inaccurate. The German's MP44 was their solution. The British on the other hand decided to shorten the No4 rifles into the No5 and Bren MKI into the Bren MKIII. Shortening the Bren barrel made the gun less accurate but more capable of surpressing indirect fire, but it could still shoot accurately at close quarters.  Deactivated with a working action.

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