Deactivated First Year of Production SLR L1A1

Deactivated First Year of Production SLR L1A1

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This is a very early, first year of production Lithgow manufactured SLR L1A1 with matching numbers. The Australian military started production of the SLR in 1959 using a simple date coding system. The first two digits in the serial number are the date of manufacture (59 = 1959). The following numbers "4045" represents the build number ; gun 4045th of 1959. AD is believed to stand for "Australian Defence". A rare find.

The L1A1 was the mainstay of the British army through many post-war conflicts. Most famously seeing action during the Falklands War with Argentina.  Firing the hard-hitting 7.62mm round, this weapon is remembered fondly by squaddies across the world. Considered by many as one of the best military rifles of its type. Comes with correct canvas sling and inert 7.62mm rounds.

Deactivated current spcifications.

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