Deactivated Yugoslavian Zastava M72

Deactivated Yugoslavian Zastava M72

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The M72 was built by the Yugoslavian manufacturer Zastava as a near-identical copy of the Russian RPK Light Machine Gun. Introduced in 1973, it included a number of subtle differences over the RPK, including a reinforced receiver, lack of carrying handle and no provision for a scope, being devoid of the side rail seen on the RPK. Another notable difference is the addition of cooling fins on the barrel beneath the gas piston housing to aid cooling under sustained fire, owing to its heavy barrel construction. Unlike Russian and Romanian RPK rifles, the M72 had provision only for a heavy barrel, with no light barrel configuration being offered.
This example is the M72 model, which utilised a milled receiver and fixed wooden stock. Later, the M72B1 introduced a stamped reciever, easily identifiable by the use of rivets in its production.
In extremely good condition complete with 75 round drum magazine, sling and fixed bipod, this is a fantastic example of a light machine gun which has seen extensive use in modern conflicts, notably in both Afghan defence force and Taliban hands during operations in Afghanistan.

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