Boer War Magazine Lee Metford MKI* Rifle

Boer War Magazine Lee Metford MKI* Rifle

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This is a rare Boer War Magazine Lee Metford (MLM) MKI* Rifle, chambered in .303. Manufactured by Sparkbrook in 1890 as a MKI it was later converted to a MKI* as part of the British military's continued weapons upgrade programme. This particular MLM is one of the most complete and original examples, still retaining many original features including the woodwork, barrel & barrel bands, magazine cut-off plate, front vollley and rear dioptor sights and seldom seen early bolt cover with correct bolt assembly. Plus the very rare single stack 8 round capacity magazine with retaining spring, both piling swivels found on the forward barrel band and cleaning rod - normally missing. Sparkbrook only made 63,072 MKI &  MKI*  Magazine Lee Metford rifles, and both variants were only manufactured for a very short period before the MKII was introduced 1892. The low serial number is 3675 with no letter prefix or suffix. The rifle has definitely seen active service during the Boer War and possible during WWI. The woodwork bears many old scares. The two broad arrow accepatance stamps facing each other confirm that it was "sold out of service" by the military.

The bore is still in very good original condition with good even rifling throughout.

An FAC with the correct variation is required to purchase this rifle. 

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