WWII Nazi Hitler Youth Knife

WWII Nazi Hitler Youth Knife

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This is an original Nazi issued Hitler Youth Knife with its steel scabbard with leather belt strap. The back of the blade is clearly marked M7/13 which is the RZM code for the firm of Arthur Schuttelhofer, a prominent and desirable maker of Hitler Youth knives. “Blut und Ehre!” translates to "Blood and Honor". The unblemished grips have the enameled Hitler Youth diamond inset in them and the original black leather buffer pad remains intact. The majority of the nickel plating on the handle is retained with the usual wear from contact with the leather belt strap.

These knifes were used to arm both male and female members of the Hitler Youth and used by them in the field during combat. Often forgotten, during the last months of WWII Germany fielded entire divisions and regiments of youths to defend Germany and Berlin from the advancing Allied forces. In most cased these inexperienced youths were slaughtered by the Allied forces. The knifes were often taken as souvenirs. This particular example has been fitted with hand made wooden grips and still has the original leather hilt protector.

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