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Military 1863 Enfield P1853 musket converted for Prison Guard

Military 1863 Enfield P1853 musket converted for Prison Guard

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This is a P1853 British military percussion musket that has been converted for use by the British prison service. Originally made as a full length P1853 musket by Enfield in 1863 it was later shortened for use by prison guards. The barrel and woodwork were both cut down, and the military unit stamps on the brass butt-plate ground off, although still partially visible. The lock, barrel, trigger guard and barrel band are broad arrow stamped and the lock bears the Royal Cypher for Queen Victoria. Back then prisoner control was far more brutal and when things got out of control the guards would arm themselves with these weapons to regain control and discipline among prisoners. The gun could be loaded with all kinds of shot, some more harmful than others. Shortening the gun made it ideally suited for the cramped confines of prisons and the stock could be used as a club.

This rare musket is chambered in an obsolete calibre and can therefore be owned live without any form of license. It can be cocked, stripped and dry fired.

It is not deactivated in any way and is being sold as a collectors piece only.

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