Deactivated WWI & WWII Gew98 / M98 Rifle

Deactivated WWI & WWII Gew98 / M98 Rifle

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This is a very rare and fascinating rifle, it originally started life during WWI as a German Imperial army Gew 98 rifle.Then in the early 1930's (late Weimar, early Nazi period) it was reassigned to the Prussian police (Schutzpolizei) and marked on the bolt take down washer with the initials  "S.A.7.F.72" We have interpreted the markings to read; Schutzpolizei (municipal police) Aurich district. 7th precinct, item 72. The letter F may refer to a particular sub-district or unit within the precinct.

After Hitler had come to power, this rifle was then reconfigured to bring it more in-line with standard K98 rifle. It was fitted with a Nazi coded (S/42G = 1935) K98 rear sight and foresight with hood cover and drop down cocking lever. Many of these rifles were later issued to German SS units. The Prussian police markings are extremely rare because most were removed when rifles were reassigned.

In the aftermath of WWII this rifle fell into Yugoslavian ownership. In the period immediately after the war Yugoslavia was desperately short of weaponry due to a lack of funds and the fear of another imminent conflict. A temporary solution was found in the refurbishing of captured or left over rifles by the Germans. The original German markings were scrubbed off and replaced by the Yugoslav ones. The most noticeable markings are the Yugoslav Crest on the receiver and new rifle designation "M98" and Preduzece 44 factory mark.

A truly unique rifle that has seen service in both world wars, the inter war period and finally after the Second World War.

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