Just Arrived, Deactivated WWII German K43 Rifle

Just Arrived, Deactivated WWII German K43 Rifle

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This is a late Second World War Nazi K43 rifle. It was made by Walther in 1944 using the secret makers code "ac 44" and has the correct Eagle over 359 acceptance stamps. Due to parts shortages in late 1944 Walther struggled to maintain production quotas and had to start sifting through previously rejected or out-of-tolerance parts. Using these parts they assembled as many serviceable weapons as possible. This also confirms why this one has had the scope rail machined off. Walther machined them off to prevent a scope from being fitted. Another unusual feature is the rare G41 bolt carrier with right handed cocking lever, this is a rare part. The barrel is also late war and doesn't have a threaded muzzle. The rear sight is missing the slide adjuster, however we are trying to source a replacement.

The G41, G43 & K43 rifles were Germany's response to the American's M1 Garand and the Russian SVT40 rifles.

Deactivated to current specifications.

To order Call 01547 529093 or 05603 416575 or email sales@deactivated-guns.co.uk.

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