Wilkinson Royal Artillery Officers Sword with Provenance

Wilkinson Royal Artillery Officers Sword with Provenance

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This is a Wilkinson Royal Artillery Officers Sword numbered 31598 that was manufactured in London 1892. Made with a steel-etched blade that is 89cm long, basket hilt and shagreen grip, this sword has its original scabbard and cover.

There is provenance stating that it was issued to a 2nd/Lt John Frederick Tyrrell who was an officer cadet at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich from 19th March 1891 to 9th Feb 1893.

Tyrrell was born on 14th December 1872, the son of a Madras Infantry colonel. He was commissioned into the Royal Artillery as a 2nd/Lt on 13th Mar 1893. As a Lt/Col he was IOD (injured on duty) 3rd Aug 1920 and was colonel by Sept 1921.
It appears that he retired from active service around 1926.

In excellent condition for its age, this is a lovely addition to any collection.

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